A good human being rooted in truly human values of tolerance & understanding of many cultures, religions and socio-economic structure – a sharing, caring individual, concerned about issues of justice and peace; proud of his/her culture, while accepting and affirming the cultures of others; an individual who has learned to appreciate and understand the diversity of India and its socio-economic fabric; one who upholds a value system that is universal in its relevance, rooted in self-confidence, and affirmative
of the positive in every individual. The School aims at the all round and harmonious development of each pupil – body, mind, intellect, aesthetic sense, personal responsibility and spiritual values – to help them live satisfying lives in the present as well as in the future. Pupils are encouraged
to develop independent critical thinking, form their own judgement, make their own decisions, solve their problems and shoulder responsibilities. School aims to provide with the power, intellectual reference points they need for understanding the world.

The school seeks to develop a community conducive to releasing the positive potential resident within each individual.The total curriculum endeavours to enable each pupil to achieve some level of success so that the self-esteem of all may be enhanced through the school experience. While acknowledging that academic excellence is of high priority, the school also lays equal importance on balanced education and provides pupils with every possible opportunity for discovery, experimentation in activities – artistic, sports, scientific, cultural and social sphere. The threat of the curriculum is also on the practical application of learning, acquisition of competencies, diminishing class room boundaries and the development of multi-use skills for meeting the challenges of the new professional ethics and working conditions to be at the cutting edge of science and technology.

The focus is also on self-learning and self-directed learning – motivating the pupils for further life long learning. Realising that students are capable of higher attainments, the school sets higher targets for them. The school believes in the importance of the teacher as an agent of change. Improving
the quality of education first depends in improving the recruitment, training, social status, pay and working conditions of the teachers. Regular opportunities for reinforcements of teaching techniques, updating knowledge and skills are provided through group work session, in-service training etc.
The school believes that the attitude & behaviour of pupils are strongly influenced by the overall school climate. A good school climate is likely to prevail where there is open and honest communication throughout he school community and where the rights and responsibilities of all members are respected.

We uphold that the pupils behave better where their experience focus more on their potential and achievements rather on their failings and shortcomings. Effective classroom management procedures and good teacher-pupil relationship can help considerably in diminishing instances of misbehaviour. The school acts in partnership with the parents and seeks to collaborate actively with these for the benefit of the pupils.