Warm greetings and hearty welcome to one and all at the website of RAAK
International Higher Secondary School. RAAK is best known for RAD – Results, Admission, Discipline. The eye catching RESULTS, enthusiastic ADMISSIONS, and uncompromising DISCIPLINE every academic year motivates us to keep driving in the fast lane.

The roots of RAAK High School were set in 2008 and through all these years, RAAK High School had been marching forward with one aim, one goal, one target – Right Education! We sternly believe ‘only the right education has the potential to beat the challenges of this world’. It was only a matter of time before RAAK High School paved the way for RAAK International Higher Secondary School at the present Sulthanpet-Villianur glittering campus in the golden year 2017. The institution was re-created with a solid objective of providing all round education to the students over all facets –
Communication, Character Building, Leadership, TEAM Work, Problem Solving Techniques, Intelligence Quotient, and Extra-Curricular Activities along with the enriched Academics. The children at RAAK get transformed ultimately as independent and professional stars of Generation Next!

RAAK Intl HSS offers a family atmosphere where every student is considered as a promising seed. It is our duty and pleasure to nurture every seed and ensure that all the seeds sprout out successfully and become fully grown up trees in the society, providing genuine services in the chosen field. We believe that every child is unique and special and that they all have the ability to learn in their own line and lane.

Curriculum is not a mere course of study but the sum total of the real experience and enlightened feeling a child earns through positive interaction with the school. Our curriculum is being updated regularly, and it is our privilege to declare that Robotics and Abacus were the latest disciplines to make the inroads for our children. Our ultimate aim is to groom our dear children as responsible citizens who would be highly committed, confident and competent. As such, we always strive to inculcate a national perspective and international vision in our students so that they would go on to become global citizens free of prejudice of any sort – and be filled with the spirit of
right service to the society.

We request you to please plan a visit to RAAK Intl HSS, and you shall see the unique difference yourselves. Admitting your dear child at RAAK would be the greatest decision you’d ever make. It’s our earnest promise that your child would never be the same! We earnestly look forward to serve you and your dear children to the best of our cadre in the years to come. Best Wishes!